Artist Michael John Burke

Many things have happened in my life recently and in the world at large. My state of mind became at one with the song “Dust in the Wind.” I pondered the complexities of living as I painted into the early hours of the morning.

As I rode to work I peered into the tangles of nature – branches against the sky, the pattern of melting snow on dark rocks, moss on bark, and noticed the random nature of things. Everything is crossed and re-crossed countless numbers of times. What appears at a distance to be solid in color is in reality, many things layered over each other like so many veils.

In these paintings, I have attempted to imitate the randomness I see around me. I experimented with some surfaces to paint on and settled upon M.D.F. which is a durable fibrous material bonded to plywood. The paint is acrylic. The painting tools range from nails to wire brushes to fine artist’s brushes and whatever else finds itself in my hand.

Artist’s Resume

SOLO SHOW | Greenwich Free Library, Greenwich, NY, July 2010

LANDSCAPES FOR LANDSAKE | Maple Ridge, Coila, NY, October 2009

MUSIC: MOTION, MOVEMENT, RHYTHMIC FLOW | Studio 22, Amenia, NY, August 2004

OFF THE HUDSON | Fulton Street Gallery, Troy, NY, October 2003

VIEW: BEYOND LANDSCAPE | Studio 22, Amenia, NY, August 2003

ART AT THE LIBRARY  | Petersburgh Library, Petersburgh, NY, November 1998

BETWEEN STUDIOS: NEWER ARTISTS | Albany Center Gallery, Albany, NY, May 1997